Sofa Gru

Sofa Gru

Cozy Scandinavian style

from 71 300 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
Basic configuration
Gru basic configuration
  • Sofa height with cushions - 980 mm
  • Height of armrests - 670 mm
  • Seat height - 470 mm
  • Seat depth - 580 mm
  • Bed size - 1460x1950 mm
  • Height of decorative legs - 150 mm

  • Frame material
    Multilayerd birch plywood
    Multilayerd birch plywood
    Plywood is the most durable wood material. It is completely natural and eco-friendly.
  • Pillow material
    This filler is a non-woven material consisting of small hollow spring-like polyester fibers. It is used as a filler for back sofa cushions. Thanks to hollowfiber the cushion keeps its shape and all the necessary properties. No harmful substances are used in its manufacturing, so it is considered environmentally friendly.
  • Seat material
    Pure Eco Foam
    Pure Eco Foam
    PU foam is a foamed sponge-like material obtained by mixing several synthetic polymers. The peculiarity of modern polyurethane foams is their high physical and mechanical properties. The elasticity of PURE ECO FOAM is 20% higher than of usual PU foam. It is used in sofa backs, sofa seat cushions and sofa sleeping units. In some models it is used in armrests. PURE ECO FOAM does not cause any allergic reactions. This is especially important for children and the elderly, whose immunity may be sensitive to allergens. There are practically no closed cells during its production. This ensures better breathability and moisture resistance.
  • Linen drawer material
    Laminated chipboard
    Laminated chipboard
    The chipboard covered with film based on thermosetting polymers.
  • Spring block
    Zig-zag spring
    Zig-zag spring
    It is a universal type of spring that gives seats extra softness. It is used at the base of a seat for this purpose.
  • Fits
    into interiors
    The absence of unnecessary details, restrained colors, simple lines, functionality and ergonomics - Minimalistic style has absorbed everything that is necessary for the life of a modern person in free and beautiful space.

About model
Soft coziness and simple design matches any decor. Scandinavian style is embodied in the new GRU sofa. The elegant thin edging on the pillows and armrests adds to the elegance of the model. You can add graphics to the interior by choosing a contrasting color for decoration.
The legs of the sofa are made of durable solid beech, and the backrest has back and lumbar cushions for greater comfort. The model is equipped with the ApriClick transformation mechanism and easily unfolds into a full bed both in the corner and in the linear version.
Transformation mechanism

Gru Colors

Gru Vantages
Airy and modern
High solid beech legs visually lighten the sofa, while contrasting edging gives it a sophisticated modern look.
Hidden staples
The design of the textile upholstery elements is designed in such a way that the look of the sofa is not spoiled by visible furniture staples. Everything is hidden and aesthetically pleasing.
Decorative cushions
Decorative cushions are made of the same fabric as the upholstery of the sofa. They add style, coziness and comfort. Soft elements not only serve as decorative elements of the interior, but also provide additional support when sitting.